Rush Limbaugh's Take on Florida's New Self Defense Law

Rush nails some media bias on guns. This is pretty blatant.

Listen to this sound bite. This is a guy from Good Morning America today; this is the correspondent from ABC, Jeffrey Kofman and his report on Florida's new gun law.

KOFMAN: What was it Clint Eastwood said, "Go ahead, make my day?" Well, Florida Governor Jeb Bush has done just that for gun owners here in Florida. It's going to be a lot easier to shoot and kill someone in the name of self-defense. Under the old law, people had to feel trapped before responding with deadly force, not anymore.

RUSH: Can you believe this? People had to feel trapped before responding, now you don't have to feel trapped, you just have to be acting in self-defense. See, this is great stuff. I mean we're illustrating exactly who these people are, but in the past, Florida residents outside their homes had a so-called "duty to retreat" when confronted with potential for violence. They had to retreat. They had to back up. They had to get out of there. But now they can meet force with force. Ho-ho-ho, and the left fit to be tied over this, ladies and gentlemen, as I say, a great illustration of who these people really are, despite their rhetoric.

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