What a difference a year of experience makes

Minnesota's Right-to-carry law is going to have to be re-passed because of recent court decisions. Yet, even the opponents say that it is going to be passed.

The gun bill is one stop away from a House floor vote, where even opponents concede it will easily pass. In a major development, Senate Majority Leader Dean Johnson said he intends to hold an up-or-down Senate vote on the bill if it clears the House and not bury it in committee.

"The issue perhaps is not as volatile as we thought last year," said Johnson, DFL-Willmar, who opposed the bill in 2003. "I don't think the problems have played out as predicted." . . .

Borchardt [head of the state sheriff's association] said the overturned law proved manageable. "The fact is the sky didn't fall," he said. "The fact is it worked pretty seamlessly."

However, some people never give up.

"All of us are at risk when it is so easy for so many people to have guns in so many public places," said Kate Havelin, president of the Twin Cities Million Moms March chapter.

You would think that they would have learned by now that these claims hurt their credibility.

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