Just what I predicted, Minnesota and Concealed Carry

It seems that after people get to see that all the horror stories aren't true there is not much opposition left to concealed handguns:

Minnesota's 2003 handgun law, which was struck down in court, took a giant step toward reenactment Friday with decisive approval in the state Senate, long a roadblock for that kind of gun-rights legislation.

The bill differs little in substance from the law that is in limbo. The 44-21 vote in favor of the bill could signal growing acceptance of the idea that adults who get training and pass a background check can choose to be armed in public.
"On balance, it has worked," said Majority Leader Dean Johnson, DFL-Willmar, one of eight senators who reversed their votes from nay in 2003 to aye on Friday. "Law enforcement has said the process has worked well and there did not seem to be a problem."

Interesting quote from the St. Paul Pioneer Press:

Opponents said they were stunned that senators defeated their attempts to change the bill.

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