More Defensive Gun Uses

Spokane County, Washington
She toldl deputies the man exhibited a violent temper, and she decided two or three days ago to end the relationship. She told the man they were breaking up and that he had to move out of her home. Afterward, the man made several trips to the home to collect his property and items he had given the woman as gifts. He arrived at the house on Saturday afternoon, but she told him she didn't want him in the house that day. Despite her protests, she said, the man entered the nome. She retrieved the pistol for protection and the shooting occurred in the home's kitchen. Only one shot was fired, she said.

Wichita, Kansas
The Rev. Steven Moler helps capture an intruder who had made himself quite at home. . . . But Sunday he came home to find his wife hysterical, someone shouting, "He's got a gun!" and a burglar wearing Moler's own sweatpants, moving in and out of the house stealing rifles. Moler kicked into protection mode: He grabbed a pistol from his safe and confronted the wild-eyed 26-year-old in the front yard. "He was jumping around, acting like he was kickboxing," Moler said. "I walked out and went straight to him. I said: 'Get on the ground. Now. Get on your face. Now.' "

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