Defensive Gun Use

I sometimes put up news stories on defensive gun use, but here is an email that I just received:

I helped someone save their own life. I was one of the instructors with Kevin Starrett of the Oregon Firearms Federation. We gave a handgun class that this young gentleman took to acquire his CPL. He's a very nice guy, currently attending seminary with his sights on becoming a pastor.

Here's the email I received:


 Last night in Eugene three mexicans tried to Rob me... THANKS TO YOU AND ED helping me gety my CHL, I am unharmed, unrobbed and when I drew that sucker they dissapeared so fast! I was pretty shookin up for a while afterward obviously, but I hardly got it out of the holster when they fled.. so I didn't have to harm anyone and I didn't recieve any trouble! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! It happened in the parking lot of Jack in the Box by Target on west 11th ave here in Eugene. A few of my friends even saw the truck that pulled up behind me as they passed by (2 people from Eugene Bible College) as I found out later that night. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks.. nothing bad happened thanks to you guys..."

I tell you, this email made my day.

Ed Dunnigan

Customer Service Rep.
Bushnell Outdoor Products


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