"Why are Police hosting international pro-gun lobbyists?"

Of course, the police went to great lengths to make sure that there were an equal number of speakers on both sides of the issue. Three others were mentioned, but I got a nice notice in the Green Party press release.

The New Zealand Police need to explain why they are hosting this country’s largest ever gathering of international pro-gun lobbyists, according to Green Party Police Spokesperson Keith Locke. . . .

· John R. Lott, the world’s most controversial pro-gun researcher, who writes that the solution to school shootings is to arm the teachers, and whose recent book is titled More Guns, Less Crime.

I suppose that I must be doing something right to be "the world’s most controversial" researcher on one of the most controversial topics.

Radio New Zealand's Morning Report is going to have me on at 8:15 their time to discuss this. Their very rough summary can be found here.


Anonymous Keith said...

Hi John,
Like your new title! I'm jealous on two counts:
1) A visit to one of the few countries ever to relax their gun laws.
2) It's still summer down there.

Go throw the truth at those green facists!

2/21/2006 10:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wife just back in USA after walking the Milford Track. Beautiful country, but we both shoot and thought their gun laws were very restrictive. How have they "relaxed" their gun laws?

2/21/2006 8:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I attended the New Zealand Conference and listened to John. Whilst his views are not main stream in Australia he is entitled to his point of view. An open debate on the pros and cons of firearms laws should be encouraged. However it is ultimately the democratic process that determines the law. The goevernment makes the laws, law enforcement is then charged with enforcement.

2/24/2006 1:43 AM  
Blogger John Lott said...

Thanks second anonymous for your comment. I agree that these things have to be decided democratically. Of course, law enforcement does not have the right to ignore the laws. That said, politicians do from time to time listen to the opinions of police on these issues. On the issue of gun locks the police got to listen to a presentation on Wednesday from someone who thought that gun locks were valuable and then my comments on Thursday. Empirical evidence was presented by both sides and the police can evaluate that evidence from their perspective of being on the front lines of these issues.

2/24/2006 2:07 AM  
Blogger John Lott said...

New Zealand is indeed an extremely beautiful country. It has lived up to my expectations, and those were quite high to begin with.

2/24/2006 2:27 AM  

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