"Loose Change": Really Weird Conspiracy Theories about 911

If you want to see a weird and stupid conspiracy movie about 9/11, this is the movie that seems to be getting all the attention: Loose Change.

For example, did you know that it was a cruise missle and not an American Airlines plane that crashed into the Pentagon? Don't worry about all the witnesses. Did you know that Donald Rumsfeld just happened to be safely in his office on the OPPOSITE SIDE of the buidling when the attack occurred? That is simply just too much of a coincidence for these movie producers. Just imagive if Rumsfeld had been outside the buidling at the time! DId you know that the FBI had confiscated security video from a nearby hotel and gas station that would prove their missle theory? Here is one question: why was a missle used for the Pentagon, but commerical planes were used for the World Trade Towers?

Did you know that it was explosives and the planes that struck the buildings that brought down the World Trade Towers? People making warnings about the second tower possibly collapsing is taken as evidence that the collapses were planned in advance. They have some really weird comparisons of other towers that have had fires and not collapsed from around the world. People's statements are explained away as a result of a massive conspiracy and statements are taken out of context by these authors.

I normally wouldn't link to something like this movie, but it is just so bizarre and it is so bizarre that people take this stuff seriously that it merits some mention.


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