Tony Snow, Congratulations

I wanted to say congratulations to Tony for his new appointment as White House Press Secretary. Tony is one of the nicest people that I have gotten the chance to know. He is unfailingly friendly and kind to everyone who I have seen him interact with. Traits and goodwill that I am sure will serve him well in his new job. Tony also has a strong intellectual side, and he is very smart. Given that he will be both press secretary as well as involved in policy, I think that he could make a real difference in this administration.


Blogger Darkside007 said...

That's great for Mr. Snow, but it sucks for us. I don't think he'll be writing commentary for awhile. :( Oh well. Kudos to him anyway!

4/26/2006 4:26 PM  
Blogger John Lott said...

Hopefully we will see his commentary take a different form: changes in government policy.

4/26/2006 9:38 PM  

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