"One Year After Kelo: New Reports Document Skyrocketing Eminent Domain Abuse"

in just the past year, more than 5,700 properties nationwide have been threatened by or taken with eminent domain for private developmentā€”a figure that compares with more than 10,000 examples over a five-year period preceding the Kelo argument, according to one of five reports released today by the Institute for Justice . . . . 25 states (out of the 45 that had legislative sessions this year) enacted legislation aimed at curbing the abuse of eminent domain.

It is amazing that you could have this 2.5 fold growth despite these new legal restrictions at the state level. One wonders what the rate of growth was in the states that didn't adopt legal restrictions relative to the ones that did. Of course there is the possibility that the taking cases are being rush through before legal restrictions are being imposed.


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