Omaha to allowed concealed handguns

Omaha will allow people to carry concealed handguns. The recently passed concealed handgun law in Nebraska allowed local jurisdictions to opt out and ban carrying in their jurisdiction. So far only Kearney, Nebraska is banning concealed handguns. My prediction is that in a couple of years after people are allowed to carry concealed handguns that even Kearney will change its mind.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

In order to pass this ordinance, to repeal a concealec carry ban on the books, the city council needed enough votes to overrule a veto promised by the mayor, which they acheived. Now the mayor is fighting back by issuing an 'executive order' banning firearms and weapons on all city property, rediculous. He'll have fun come re-elecition...


7/20/2006 7:01 AM  

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