"Restaurant Robbery Foiled By Gun-Packing Customer"

The Indy Channel has some interesting details (August 18, 2006):

-- An armed customer foiled a robbery at a fast-food restaurant on Indianapolis west side on Thursday afternoon, according to Indianapolis police.
Police said William McMiller Jr., 40, ordered a bucket of chicken before demanding money from a cashier and threatening to shoot at the KFC in the 2800 block of West 16th Street.
Police said the clerk didn't understand what McMiller wanted and thought he was asking for a refund.
Investigators said McMiller repeated his demand two more times before the clerk reached for money.
Investigators said that when McMiller began to climb over the counter, Paul Sherlock, a customer in the restaurant at the time, approached from behind and pulled out a Taurus 9mm handgun.
Sherlock held McMiller until police arrived. McMiller was held in the Marion County Jail on Friday. He faces a robbery charge.
Police later determined that McMiller did not have a gun, but did have a long screwdriver. Investigators said Sherlock has a valid gun permit.
Watch 6News beginning First At 5:00 for updates.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

As an Indianapolis resident, I'm glad our law-abiding residents are afforded the right to carry concealed, and this is a perfect example to substantiate my support.

8/18/2006 1:47 PM  

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