Update of Gun Law Changes in Texas and Arizona

Alan Korwin has updated his gun law books for TExas and Arizona. Here is his discussion of the updated volumes:

Complete lists of changes for Texas and Arizona are now posted. Texas saw 83 changes since the last (fifth) edition of The Texas Gun Owner's Guide -- a whopping 13% increase in the amount of gun law. Most of it is good news. The BRAND NEW Sixth Edition has all the changes, is due out this week, and the first people to order will receive autographed copies. See the changes here:

Arizona saw changes to 17 key statutes, most of which were excellent. The state now recognizes virtually all legally issued firearm permits, a strong Castle Doctrine is in place, and more. Most intriguing new law -- it's now illegal to interfere with a hunt by putting yourself in the line of fire. Sheeesh.
See the changes here:


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