Democrats campaign themes wandering all over the place

From the Washington Post:

Democrats have had more "New Directions" recently than MapQuest.

Among the party's campaign slogans this year: "Culture of Corruption," "Culture of Cronyism," "Do-Nothing Congress," "Rubber-Stamp Congress," "Together, We Can Do Better," "Together, America Can Do Better" and, most recently, "Six for '06."

For those keeping score at home, Democrats arrived at "New Direction" yesterday by downgrading one of the "Six for '06" issues (health care) and upgrading three others (honesty, civility and fiscal discipline), for a total of eight items on the contents page.

By contrast, Republicans have settled on a single, unofficial slogan, which essentially says: Vote Democrat and Die. And in politics, scary and scurrilous usually trumps elaborate and earnest -- something Pelosi has experienced firsthand in recent days. . . .


Blogger saturdaynightspecial said...

Barack Obama is currently bashing the Bush war on terror strategy (Iowa). After 9/11 and up until recently he never offered his views about the war strategy (at least nothing that appeared in the press.) Now that it is obvious, and with plenty of opposition to the Iraq occupation, he has an opinion. Voters should be reminded by republicans what Bush pointed out about these democrats: "democrats are trying to rewrite history" Bush said that in response to democrats criticizing his Iraq strategy. He was implying that they are trying to say they never supported his strategies when they did.

Democrats in congress supported the invasion and the occupation; and Hillary Clinton, about a year back, sat on a chair, outside in the green zone in Baghdad, before a news camera and said we must stay the course; John McCain sat beside her and reiterated the same view.

If it were not for a majority of democrat support the invasion may never have occurred. We are in Iraq because of republicans and democrats sharing the same views about that strategy. Don't let democrats rewrite history.

9/18/2006 4:32 AM  

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