Encouraging people to get concealed handgun permits in Houston

HOUSTON — When the "Katricians" rise up in violence, Houstonians had better be packing some serious heat.

That's the inflammatory message of a new gun-shop commercial on the radio that gives Hurricane Katrina evacuees a vaguely alien-sounding name, and advises Texans to take up arms to defend themselves against crimes committed by the newcomers.

"When the 'Katricians' themselves are quoted as saying the crime rate is gonna go up if they don't get more free rent, then it's time to get your concealed-handgun license," warns the radio ad by Jim Pruett, who co-hosts a bombastic talk-radio show and owns Jim Pruett's Guns & Ammo, a self-styled "anti-terrorist headquarters" that sells knives, shotguns, semi-automatic rifles and other weapons. As Pruett describes the dangers posed by "Katricians," glass can be heard shattering, and a bell tolling ominously.

The radio spot highlights what many gun-store owners say is a hot trend in Houston: trade in weapons amid a surge in the homicide rate that police attribute to the more than 100,000 hurricane evacuees still in the city. Though the gun sale reports are largely anecdotal, Texas officials said applications for concealed-weapons permits were up statewide: 60,328 from Jan. 1 to Sept. 1 this year, compared with 46,298 for the same period last year.. . .


Anonymous Brian said...

Oh, that's a pretty funny article. How typical of the LA Times to write a piece like this. I don't recall an article by the LA Times when we Houstonians opened up our arms in selfless generosity to hundreds of thousands of New Orleanian's after the storm (myself included. I spent over $300 of my own money on clothes and food to donate and worked a 12 hour shift that one night helping them out.. and I'd do it again in a heartbeat!).

Now, we're a bunch of racist hating Texans.. too funny!

It is true that crime has gone up substantially (I think about 20% or so), that the police have been able to attribute to the "Katrina-ites" in the past year..

Lastly, I enjoy the typical quote from one black man pushing the white guilt agenda (Jesse Jackson couldn't have said it better himself).. Forgive my lack of feeling guilty, but I'd feel guilty about the slave trade if 1) I ever knew a slave, 2) I owned a slave, 3) I was alive during the slave trade, 4) anyone alive today was ever a slave (in the US.. I'm not talking about the Islamic world) and 5) if my family was not frollicking around the Ukraine avoiding the pogrom on the Jews that the Czar's were busy carrying out ... (which was actually after the Emancipation Proclamation, but you get the point!).

The LA Times is rewriting history with these types of pieces.. our history, warts and all (ie: slavery), must be told and understood to future generations.. not mistold for nefarious purposes...

The la Times .. I wouldn't use it to line my bird cage.


9/20/2006 3:59 PM  

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