Published March 12, 2004 Friday, in Investor's Business Daily

Same Time For The Same Crime

In reference to " "Sentencing Fairness' Rules Backfired In Martha's Case" (Viewpoint, Thursday): Writer John Lott couldn't be more wrong. Comparing Martha Stewart to a poor drug dealer with no money and who has to get public assistance for his defense is pretty weak.

Stewart lied to investigators. She is paying the penalty. End of story.

If she had told the truth, my guess is that the government would have shown some mercy and things would be going much better for her (and shareholders) right about now. Bill Clinton lied, too. He also had a chance to tell the truth -- and get out of it with an honest confession of his human frailties.

Truth -- you do it even when it hurts.

Also, bringing up the point of the penalty of "economic losses" of both Stewart and her shareholders misses the point. Financial penalties should have absolutely no bearing on whether a person has been punished for their crime. Criminals should be sentenced based on what they have done, not the economic impact their convictions and incarcerations might have.

Finally, both stocks and people's fortunes move up based on market forces. The same people who rode Stewart's stock on the way up based on her prowess as a leader got the chance to ride it down -- if they didn't follow IBD rules. Stewart, if she was smart, should have been dumping her shares during this whole process.

Gary Paradise, Marietta, Ga.

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