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Well as you know, I`m very concerned with the general consciousness of gun owners in this fine country. I want to know the questions that are on your mind. Often I have found that I have the answers you don`t. And most likely, if this is a question on your mind, there are other people just like you with the same question.

As gun owners, we come up against a lot of anti-gun rhetoric which can sometimes overwhelm us to the point of questioning our own beliefs. The anti-gun lobbyists have taken a new stance in pointing out many minor loopholes in our gun control laws, such as the fact that, even though licensed gun dealers must be approved and register with the federal government, in most states, anyone can be an unlicensed private seller of guns.

A private seller has no obligation to conduct criminal background checks on buyers or keep transfer records for law enforcement—as long as he/she claims to be a hobbyist and is not engaged in the business of selling guns.

Now, to you and me, this may be trivial. We all know a gun hobbyist - you may be one yourself - and we know that hobbyists are people who have complete respect for the power and initiative that a gun holds and represents. But when the anti-gun lobbyists point out that Timothy McVeigh sold guns at guns shows as a hobbyist, it suddenly appears that maybe we need to check our assumptions.

Should our laws adopt to accommodate the minor anomolies like Timothy McVeigh? Should one rotten apple spoil the whole pie? These are the kinds of issues we as gun supporters must learn to deal with.

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