Published August 22, 2003, in The Kansas City Star

Lobbying intensifies as gun vote nears; Missouri Senate focus of veto battle

By Tim Hoover

JEFFERSON CITY - Less than three weeks before lawmakers meet for their veto session, interest groups are zeroing in on a few senators pivotal to the fate of a concealed-weapons bill.

The groups' strategies include mailing books to senators and rallying religious groups.

Gov. Bob Holden vetoed the bill last month, setting up the showdown at the Sept. 10 veto session. Lawmakers need a two-thirds vote in each chamber to override the veto.

The effort is expected to succeed in the 163-member House, where 109 votes are needed.

The outcome is less certain in the 34-member Senate, so that is where gun -rights advocates and gun -control groups have been concentrating most of their efforts.

The Second Amendment Coalition of Missouri Inc., for example, has given copies of the book The Bias Against Guns to every senator. The group's Web site, like those of other gun -rights organizations, urges people to call their lawmakers about the issue.

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