This is my latest Op-ed, about the bias at the New York Times.

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Here are some recent reviews on my book, The Bias Against Guns:

Another bull's-eye for John Lott Jr.

"Critics cannot dismiss Lott's book as simply a political pro-gun rant. His conclusions are so well supported that it will be difficult, if not impossible, for anti-gun foes to prove him wrong. Of course, they'll try.

Writing a book like this takes guts. Let's hope that those in the media and the government who seem bent on keeping and holding an unfounded bias on guns will have minds open enough to read "The Bias Against Guns," if not the courage to start setting the record straight."

Author Accuses Media of Intentional Bias Against Guns

" Moody criticized Lott for not submitting his latest work for peer review but said his compliance with the other two points more than compensates.

"On the other two criteria, he is way ahead of his competition," Moody said. "He makes the data available, which means he is probably not cheating. I've checked him out; he's not cheating, and he uses all the requisite controls. "He does it right, and so, I tend to believe the results that John has published in the back of the book.

"If you wish to be informed on the debate concerning guns and public policy," Moody concluded, "you must have read John's book.""


Johnlott.org (description of book, downloadable data sets, and discussions of previous controversies)

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Since the first news search was done additional news stories have been added to Nexis:

There are thus now 218 unique stories, and a total of 294 stories counting duplicates (the stories in yellow were duplicates): Excel file for general overview and specific stories. Explicit mentions of defensive gun use increase from 2 to 3 now.

Journal of Legal Studies paper on spoiled ballots during the 2000 Presidential Election

Data set from USA Today, STATA 7.0 data set

"Do" File for some of the basic regressions from the paper