The Inability to Use Guns Defensively in New Zealand

"He was threatening them with their lives. He said: 'Give me the guns or I'll kill you.' He kept repeating it... It happened in a matter of seconds. What would you do?" said Carvell snr of his son's actions.

Greg Carvell then did "the only thing he could do", Carvell snr said: he shot Beckham in the stomach at close range with a handgun. Beckham dropped the machete and staggered towards the door before he fell, and Carvell ran to give him first aid. Motley rang emergency services.

Carvell snr, who was not in the shop when the incident happened, said staff now believed they had seen Beckham in the shop before, perhaps "casing out the joint".

The ordeal has left Greg Carvell so worried for his family's safety that he had moved his 9-month-old daughter into his room to keep her close by, said Carvell snr.

Auckland University senior law lecturer Scott Optican said Beckham's alleged comments before the shooting bolstered Carvell's claim of self-defence. He said the words could be used in evidence if the defence was required. "The guy [allegedly] said 'I am going to kill'. If that is true, it makes his legitimate claim of self-defence even stronger. Why should he not take him at his word? As it is, I think he's got a very strong case... it looks like a classic paradigm case of self-defence." . . . .

The Carvell family is also angry at the police's handling of the incident, which they say has left them "feeling more like suspects than victims".

Detective Senior Sergeant Simon Scott said yesterday police had not yet spoken to Beckham, who last night remained under police guard in Auckland Hospital and was reported to be in a stable condition and able to talk.

"We're waiting for advice from the medical experts as to when we can do that," he said. "Over the next few days we should be able to speak to him and get his side of the story."

Scott said inquiries were continuing this weekend into the incident, and a decision on whether any charges would be laid was not expected until this week.

Speculation has centred on how Carvell was able to have access to a loaded handgun in such a short period of time. But Carvell snr said they had nothing to hide.

"The gun was not loaded in the technical sense [before Beckham entered the shop]. I'm not telling you where it was, but it was not on the desk loaded... A firearm can be loaded very quickly."

Carvell snr, a well-known gun lobbyist, also said he thought the rules around about people not having loaded guns to protect themselves were "crap" in any case.

"Why shouldn't everyone be able to arm themselves? The police don't help you any more." . . . .

Note: Please see thankgodforguns for a discussion on this article and it is through his link that I found this article.


Blogger saturdaynightspecial said...

This is an easy case to defend for the benefit of Carvell; it's so easy I should say nothing so to not ruin his defense.

Before I give it away I would remind the gun control gang that Carvell did them a good thing by keeping stolen (robbed at machete point) guns off the streets of New Zeal.

Here is what gives Beckham away - the thing that implies criminal intent : did Bedkham have on his person a case for the machete - was the machete encased? If you're gonna rob a gun store using only a machete then do it with machete and machete case then you could defend yourself in court by saying you never drew the machete - that you had it in it's case; and if Carvell were to say it was drawn Beckham could still say (lie) it was removed after he had been shot...

All gun store owners and operators should be armed with powerful and loaded weapons; everyone in a gun store should behave themselves. Imagine one or more robbers attempting to rob a gun store of it's Thompson sub machine guns or it's BAR's !! It is the duty of gun store operators to protect their merchandise with their lives for the benefit of the public's safety - NO !! Easy case to defend.

Or, consider this scenario: I go into the local bank armed with machete (the machete is in my hand?) and I demand all the money (the whole town's money - including the town's only judge's money) but the bank security guard shoots me in the head - who should win or who will win ? I'll bet the bank wins. If not the whole town will get the judge, maybe even hack him to death - NO ! Easy case to defend.

New Zeal gunners should hack to death the detective defending the machetecaseless Beckham (if Beckham was caseless); then we will all be safer and more free. Government is our worst enemy.

8/02/2006 6:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The moral here is to make sure the bad guys are put down for good.

Why create a problem for the cops and the lawyers when you can quietly dump the corpse in some landfill?

Silence is golden. Self-defense is a God given right you don't have to explaine.

Call 911? Not in this lifetime...

8/03/2006 1:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You'd better get yourself loosened up with a baseball bat, coz you're going to get an ass-pounding when you land in jail.

Don't be a jerk...call 911 and let your tax dollars do the cleaning-up ;-)

8/03/2006 2:47 PM  

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