Lobbyists in Washington DC hiring more Democrats in anticipation of Dems taking control of Congress

Possibly this is just confirming the obvious. When it comes to the war against the Islamic Fascists, the risks of even more regulation, higher taxes, the issues of illegal immigrants, etc., this doesn't bode well for the future.

Washington lobbying firms, trade associations and corporate offices are moving to hire more well-connected Democrats in response to rising prospects that the opposition party will wrest control of at least one chamber of Congress from Republicans in the November elections.

In what lobbyists are calling a harbinger of possible upheaval on Capitol Hill, many who make a living influencing government have gone from mostly shunning Democrats to aggressively recruiting them as lobbyists over the past six months or so.

"We've seen a noticeable shift," said Beth Solomon, director of the Washington office of Christian & Timbers, an executive search firm that helps to place senior lobbyists and trade association heads.. . . .


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