A conservative movie from Pixar and Disney?

The buzz out of early screenings is that "The Incredibles," set to be released Nov. 5, carries a considerably more middle-American sensibility than the usual fare from Hollywood, where liberal shibboleths often become the stuff of mainstream movies. The new movie's hero, Bob Parr, a k a Mr. Incredible, after all, has been driven into middle-aged retirement and the Superhero Relocation Program by a flood of lawsuits brought by personal-injury lawyers representing people Mr. Incredible has saved but who later complain of things like neck problems. Mr. Incredible's 10-year-old son, Dash, is blessed with super speed but is forced to conceal it from his unknowing peers at school - until, that is, he complains that he is being held back by the "everyone is special" ethic, which holds that kids should receive a trophy just for showing up on the playing field.

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