"DNA connects slain robber to three Camden rapes"

A knife-wielding man shot to death by a Camden store owner last week was identified through DNA tests yesterday as the culprit in three downtown rapes that plagued one of the city's safest areas. All three rapes occurred during daylight in the central business district. The rapist targeted a high school student, a Rutgers University-Camden student, and an employee of photography store. On New Year's Eve, a man walked into Camden City Wireless & Fishing Supply at 27th Street and Westfield Avenue in a robbery attempt and held a knife to the throat of the owner's wife. The owner, Ngoc Le, 28, pulled a gun and shot the man once in the head, authorities said. The assailant, Antonio Diaz Reyes, a 32-year-old who had lived in Philadelphia and Puerto Rico, fit the description of the rapist. DNA tests then linked Reyes to all three downtown rapes.

Thanks to Calvin Sun who brought this case to my attention.

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