Legislation to reduce political bias in college classes?

Inside Higher Ed is fearful of an administrative code designed to prohibit political and religious discrimination. The of the proposed law in Ohio seem pretty unobjectionable to me:

1) that students have access "to a broad range of serious scholarly opinion" and be exposed to "a plurality of serious scholarly methodologies and perspectives."

2) that students should "be graded solely on the basis of their reasoned answers" and prohibits discrimination on the basis of "political, ideological, or religious beliefs."

Inside Higher Ed appears to view this as a rightwing plot. I would prefer not to see these interventions because I believe that they are unenforceable and I would rather leave this regulation to the market (admittedly I understand that there is a problem with public funding that protects schools from these market forces), but it ironic that liberals who impose these types of rules all the time find these particular rules objectionable. Could it be that liberals know that these rules will primarily be binding on liberal professors?

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