More Defensive Gun Uses in Stores

Charlotte, NC, 3/3/05
This is the second time in less than a week police are investigating a robbery that ended with a suspect shot and killed. Three masked men armed with guns stormed a shoe store on East Sugar Creek Road and took cash from the register and started to rob customers. The manager pulled out his own gun and shot two of the robbers. One of the suspects was killed and the other was seriously hurt. Police are still looking for the third robber and the manager is moving out of the state because he is worried about retaliation.

GRAND PRAIRIE, Texas, 3/3/05
TA North Texas store manager refused to become a victim when a robber jumped over the counter at his convenience store and attempted to rob him. . . . "He said, 'Do you want to die?' I said, 'No, I don't want to die,'" Qasem said. With the crook's arm tight around his throat, Qasem then reached for his gun that was kept under the counter. He aimed at the robber and fired, but nothing happened. Qasem then used the gun to repeatedly hit the robber in the head. "I felt that was my opportunity to just keep hitting him, take him all the way down," Qasem said.

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