Please tell me that I am not misreading this

The New York Times seems to be endorsing hunting. OK, it is at least a little unclear, first stating that all sorts of tactics have been used to limit the number of deer and failed and then going on and claiming that the herds are being maximized for hunters. In any case, they still want someone (though as expected it is experts (not the common folks)) to kill deer.

Now, even bird lovers want the deer subdued. The New Jersey Audubon Society, in a report last week, urged the consideration of lethal means to solve the problem, arguing that fencing, contraception and other gentle tactics have proved largely ineffective. The group wants the government to rethink conservation policies it says are intended to maximize herds for hunters, and to consider - especially in the suburbs, where hunting is too dangerous - bringing in sharpshooters.

It may sound harsh, even strange coming from an organization whose mission is to foster "environmental awareness and a conservation ethic." But the group - which does not speak for the National Audubon Society - has it exactly right.

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