More on corruption in Canada's gun registry program

The Edmonton Journal reports in an article by Duncan Thorne (4/9/05, p. A2) that:

Deputy Prime Minister Anne McLellan is staying silent on explosive allegations over how a promotions contract was extended when she ran the gun registry.

Jean Brault, the Montreal executive who ran the now-defunct Groupaction Marketing, told the Gomery inquiry that he lengthened the deal by six months by agreeing to pay a senior Liberal worker $100,000. Brault testified that Quebec Liberal bagman Joe Morselli told him in 2001: "$100,000 cash, your problem is solved."

The Quebec firm was paid to promote the Canada Firearms Centre throughout McLellan's tenure as justice minister. The last contract on her watch was to end in 2001.

But Brault said he got it extended into the spring of 2002 by paying the first $50,000.

Anne McLellan was in a tight race in the last election. If a new election is called soon, this can't be good news for her.

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