Some perspective on campaign contributions

"In 2002, there were 695,000 lawyers in the United States.[7] Their campaign contribution for that year’s election cycle was $95,478,421 or $137 per lawyer.[8] According to Mr. Barnes [President, Brady Campaign to Prevent Handgun Violence], this is not “powerful special interests.” During the same cycle, the National Rifle Association contributed $2,027,889.[9] Since the NRA has about 3 million members,[10] this averages out to 68 cents per member. Rather than avail themselves of readily-available monetary wealth, as news reports imply, the organization practices what Barnes implies is the subversive, anti-democratic method of voter activism:"

Thanks to Jason Morin and Howard Nemerov for alterting me to this piece. Donations do not concern me from either group, though it is useful to point out that some perspective is needed in evaluating the different claims being made.

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