She hates guns, but now plans to purchase one: "It's better than being defenseless"

A Henderson man shot and wounded two men who allegedly broke into his home near College Drive and East Horizon Drive on Monday night, Henderson Police said.

The homeowner, whose name was withheld by police, shot 24-year-old Joey Bolden and his cousin, 25-year-old DelMarco Bolden, . . .

The cousins are being charged with felony home invasion, Rasmussen said.

Police believe the homeowner acted in self-defense, so he has not been charged with a crime, Rasmussen said. . . .

That neighbor, 20-year-old Carrie Metcalf, said she heard gunshots, then her dog began barking loudly. She went to investigate and spotted blood in her backyard near a jacuzzi. . . .

Metcalf said she had never heard of any home invasions occurring in the area in the two years she has lived there. She said she applauded her neighbor -- identified as Brad -- for shooting the suspects.

"Thank God he did," she said.

Although she hates guns, Metcalf plans to purchase one. It's better than being defenseless, she said.

Thanks very much to L.J. O'Neale for sending me this.

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