The Brady Campaign's Michael Barnes backs out of a Debate at George Washington University with less than a week to go

Oh, well. Note that I got from student who set up the debate at George Washington University:

We regret to inform you that Mr. Michael Barnes has backed out of the debate that we had scheduled between you and him for next Wednesday, October 19th.  We are trying to find a replacement that could argue from his position, but we are not too optimistic that we will find a person of such caliber at this late date.

I later received this message:

We expressed to him [Barnes] that whatever disagreements he had with your views, we believed that an open debate would be the best opportunity to present a well-reasoned refutation of your position. . . .

We are disappointed that we will be unable to host the debate as we had planned, but we are pleased that you are still willing to address our chapter.

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