"Pew Research Center Poll Shows Liberals, Media Out of Touch"

A new poll shows a large difference between how the general population and the media view the war in Iraq.

Of interest is a recent Pew Research Center for the People & the Press poll, which ascertained crucial and marked differences between the leftist media and those in academe and the American public. This conducted poll illustrated the difference in attitudes toward the US war against terrorism in Iraq and compared the Left’s answers to the general US public.

The results belied the [Mainstream Media] MSM’s “reporting” and were startling. Startling, that is, to all except those of us who already knew that the MSM’s reportage was and is bogus. It also confirms that the MSM does not report any news correctly if it strays from their agenda. Instead, old leftist media manipulate the news to support their own desires and schemes. Although the MSM tells us constantly that the majority of Americans are against the Iraq war, the new Pew poll data contradicts that assertion. The poll revealed the following information on the asked question

“Do you think democracy will succeed in Iraq?”

• 56% of the American public polled said “Yes”
• 64% of the US military in Iraq said “Yes’
• 33% of journalists said it only ‘had a chance’
• 27% of the academic world said it might succeed

When asked if they thought the decision for military action in Iraq was the correct one, those polled responded with almost 50% of the American public saying “Yes”. However, on the liberal/leftist side of the fence only 21% of academics and 28% of the press believes it was justified. Hmmm. It strongly appears that any “factual results”, regarding the Iraq scenario, old media report are taken from their own small and ever-decreasing groups! And from what I’ve observed, most (if not all) of these polls are heavily-weighted toward the liberal side of the house. That is, more liberals’ results are included in polling data than those identifying themselves as conservatives. Again—no surprise here!


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