Follow up on last week's article in SF Chronicle

Last week I pointed to this article in the SF Chronicle about a woman's fear of having to defend herself after the passage of the SF gun ban. Below is a very interesting follow up article on the reaction that the reporter received. I really recommend reading the entire piece:

"Shame on the Chronicle." -- Jack Rivers

"I found this article refreshing and helpful." -- Mark Wilson

"The effect of a gun on human behavior is a (brain) drug induced power trip." --David R.

"It was great!" -- Debra Blatnik

"Thank you for a well written inspirational article. Wonderfully done. I shared it with my friends and co-workers. Thank you." -- Doug Fennema

In a two-hour span, I received 70 e-mails like this. Then in the next few days, another big round came through from across the country. It was difficult to believe people were writing about the same story.

But they were: "Home On the Range -- She's got guns, she's got game" (archived at sfgate.com) -- and the sidebar, "Do not come in! I have a gun! Leave!" These stories appeared last Monday, the story of Il Ling New -- Bay Area resident, Yale grad with an MBA, former international business executive and now expert instructor in self-defense, gun handling and hunting -- and the people she teaches.

Here is a sample of some of the more provocative letters, and a few responses:

-- "I am not a gun freak but like New, I feel that I am responsible for my own safety and try to follow her rules." -- Tito Stevens

A key sentence: "After the recent vote to ban handguns in San Francisco, New said she believes it's a mistake to think that anybody but you is responsible for your safety." . . .


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