Forests may cause global warming

It is interesting how this scientist treats the results on forests. If the same results were found for it seems anything else, I wonder whether he would still like that item. Well, at least he seems to understand the notion of trade-offs.

Canada's forests may actually be worsening global warming rather than cooling the planet, says a controversial study by a Stanford University physicist and environmental scientist . . .
Trees are designed to soak up massive amounts of energy from the sun. Much of this, he argues, is gradually released in the form of heat, especially in dark evergreen forests in the north, but also in temperate forests of maple, poplar and beech. Unlike tropical forests, Canadian forests don't release much cooling moisture. . . .

That said, Mr. Caldeira still wants forests protected for other reasons.

"I like forests. They provide good habitats for plants and animals," he said. . . .

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