"McDonald's worker suspended for shooting at robber"

Friday, Dec. 30, 2005 NEW ALBANY, Ind.
A McDonald's maintenance worker who pulled out his gun and fired two shots at a woman who was robbing another employee at gunpoint has been suspended from his job.

While police officials say Clifton Brown Jr. violated no laws last week when he fired the shots shortly after the restaurant's midnight closing, the franchise owner said Brown violated a ban on guns at the restaurant.

The shooting happened as Brown and a co-worker were taking out the trash and a woman, who was on foot, put a gun to the back of the second employee. She then robbed the restaurant in the city just north of Louisville, Ky., through the drive-up window, police said.

Brown told police that he pulled his gun out and ordered the fleeing robber to stop. She then raised her own gun and he fired two shots, which apparently missed the woman, before she continued to flee. . . .

Unfortunately, the owner of the store repeated all the myths about why the employee shouldn't have used his gun:

Restaurant owner Ron Vanover said Thursday that Brown had been suspended from his job while the shooting was being reviewed. He said he considered Brown's actions inappropriate.

"I think that's common sense," Vanover said. "Money can be replaced; lives cannot."

Brown could not be located for comment as no home telephone number in the New Albany area was listed in his name.

Please see this write up by Brian Blase about what is the safest course of action to take in a robbery. This is one case where people might consider letting McDonalds know about whether they are right to suspend this employee. Again, there is also the issue of deterrence. Would more people rob this store in the future if they thought that employees might be armed.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I also suffer from an employer who bans ANY "Dangerous Weapons" on their property - and it is a Public Agency. This was not always the case; I remember cleaning weapons at the control console of our systems during slow times. Somewhere along the line this was changed by the "politically- correct" elected officials. I am working to reverse this policy here in Florida. The irony is that my facilities are terrorist targets. They station un-armed guards at the gates and have spent millions on cameras and security systems; that must be so they can watch all of our deaths on the tape AFTER we are attacked!

1/03/2006 6:39 PM  

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