Prison Inmates in Canada Vote for Liberals

And one wonders why the Democrats are fighting so hard to let felons vote?

Friday was voting day for prisoners across Canada. About 35,000 were eligible to vote, and many seemed to be voting Liberal in order to protect privileges that Conservatives threaten to take away.

"We're all voting for the Liberals, just because we want to keep our vote," Jeff Power, an inmate at Manitoba's Stony Mountain facility told CTV Winnipeg. "We don't want to lose rights like our TVs, stuff like that." . . .

The CBC also has a report with Mr. Power.

Fellow inmate Jeff Power had a red "L" for "Liberal" painted on the side of his head. He was jailed for drug trafficking and robbing two pharmacies.
He said he would not vote for the Conservatives because they've talked about tightening up parole rules.

"My dad was sentenced to double life, way before when there was no eligibility for early parole," Power said. "He killed himself. He couldn't live with it. It was like there was no hope for him." . . .

It is a little strange that both television networks interview the same prisoner. As to Mr. Power's dad, I am sorry that his dad committed suicide, but he must have done something nasty to get two life terms.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not that strange. I'm sure Mr. Power's was the prisoner selected to give interviews by the prison staff.

1/14/2006 1:09 PM  

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