Rod Blagojevich again on guns: will Southern Illinois learn this time?

Can Blagojevich again convince southern Illinois voters that they can trust him again on issues such as guns. Given his vetoes and acknowledgement that he has gone back on promises, I don't know how they can trust him again.

Four years ago, Rod Blagojevich, a lifelong Chicagoan with a history of supporting gun-control, stunned the Illinois political world by convincing culturally conservative voters throughout Southern Illinois to help put him in the governor's office.

Now gunning for re-election, Blagojevich is attempting another downstate surprise. But it may prove more elusive this time, as he tries to stay out of the crossfire of the state's continuing gun-control debate. . . .

After four years of sometimes strained relations with Southern Illinois - over things like prison employment cutbacks, budgetary largess aimed at Chicago, and the governor's continuing support of certain gun-control measures


Blogger Voolfie said...

Regrettably, many people in suburban and rural areas tend to believe that 'gun control' laws will only apply to inner city areas and won't inconvenience them much. I've fought a losing battle for years just outside Philadelphia, PA trying to convince affluent skeet shooters that they stand to lose their Remington 1100s if they don't start paying attention and get involved.

7/09/2006 11:59 AM  
Blogger saturdaynightspecial said...

By now, after 4 years, people should be able to recognize the similarities between Hitler and Blagoyavich. This dictator will stop at nothing to get votes.

In the current issue of ISRA (Illinois State Rifle Association) a cartoon shows his challenger Judy Topinka hitting him on the head with a rolling pin (an assault weapon.)

7/10/2006 6:05 AM  

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