Canadia's Prime Minister Stephen Harper Vowing to Scrap Gun Registration

OTTAWA—Prime Minister Stephen Harper is accusing the previous Liberal government of not having done enough to prevent tragedies like the Dawson College shooting in Montreal.

"Today's laws did not protect us and we take no pleasure on this side of the House from having warned the previous government repeatedly over the past decade that the gun registry would not prevent this kind of occurrence," Harper said yesterday in the Commons.

The Prime Minister was speaking as Parliament revved up for the fall session against a backdrop of tragic, violent events — notably, more military deaths in Afghanistan and the Dawson College shootings last week that left one young woman and the gunman dead, and 19 injured.

The tragedies are now spilling over into federal politics and the charged, precarious atmosphere of the Commons, where the Prime Minister hopes to steer through some controversial moves on same-sex marriage, the environment and gun control.
Harper is saying that Liberal efforts at gun control have failed, so his government will proceed with its plans to wind down the firearms registry.

But the Prime Minister is also going one step further and charging the Liberals with failing to prevent the kind of tragedy that unfolded in Dawson College's corridors last Wednesday, when Kimveer Gill, 25, opened fire on students before killing himself amid a hail of police fire.

"I take no pleasure from the fact that, I hate to say, `I told you so,' but we all knew that the registry would not prevent the kind of crime we saw at Dawson College," Harper said in an interview with CTV.

Harper, without elaborating, said his government was looking at ways to strengthen the law so that guns would be kept out of the hands of people like Gill, who appeared to be a seriously troubled young man, fixated on violence and death. . . . .


Blogger saturdaynightspecial said...

You'll never hear a liberal politician say complete safety and security are never attainable. You will always hear em talk (after a crime) about writing another law to prevent crime. They'll write millions of laws before they will ever admit complete safety and security are a utopian illusion.

The prime minister accuses liberals of their foolishness for creating the gun registery (the truth) but then goes on to do the same that liberals did - pass more law that won't, and can't, create absolute safety and security.

Politicians (liberals) will do this before they ever admit to the only optimum solution: allowing people to carry firearms in public. They will never trust citizens with firearms. I think in states that did adopt RTC law it was done under pressure from a majority that finally accepted the truth about self-defense.

The only solution for Dawson College gun crime is to repeal gun bans and restrictions and admit that people will always use violence and weapons and the solution is to recognize everyone's need for self-defense.

9/20/2006 4:27 AM  

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