Mine Your Own Business, Excellent Movie on the true costs of environmentalism

I just got my copy of the movie "Mine Your Own Business," and I have to say that it is really an excellent movie about the costs of the environmentalist movement.

Places it will be shown at in the next week or so include:

Wednesday Oct 25 Wednesday Vanderbilt University (Nashville, TN)
Location of Screening: 115 Wilson Hall - between 21st Avenue South and
West End Ave.
Meet the Filmakers at 6:30, Movie showing at 7:00

Thursday Oct 26 – Thursday Emory (Atlanta, GA)
Monday October 30- Ann Arbour University of Michigan
Location of Screening: White Hall @ 6:00pm on 10/26/2006

Wednesday November 1st London Institute Of Economic Affairs


Anonymous Dylan Kissane said...

Got my copy in the mail today. The nerve of people who dared to make the argument that, essentially, comes down to 'We know better than you' is plain to see.

Most disturbing? The WWF guy in Africa who tried to argue that the local people don't value education for their children...and then the cut to the mother who would work for the chance to send her children to school.

This should be essential viewing on college campuses but one imagines that it won't be anytime soon - more the pity.

11/02/2006 12:30 PM  

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