Swedes think US Poses Biggest Danger in World

Is it just that people eventually dislike others who stand up to bullies? Victims appreciate it at first, but after a while they feel uncomfortable that they keep on having to be rescued. (Thought voiced by Dennis Prager)

Swedes think that the United States and North Korea pose the greatest threats to world peace, according to the results of a poll released on Sunday.

Nearly one in three Swedes, 29 percent, think that the US is the biggest threat to peace on earth, the poll, commissioned by Axess Television, reveals.

Around 1,000 people answered the question "Which of the following countries do you consider to be the greatest threat to world peace". Respondents could choose between six countries - Israel, China, Russia, the United States, North Korea and Iran.

North Korea was a close runner up to the United States - 28 percent of respondents thought that the secretive communist dictatorship was most dangerous.

Iran was in third place, at 18 percent. The poll results showed that more people between the ages of 16 and 29 saw America as the biggest threat, while a majority of those over 60 picked North Korea. . . . .


Anonymous Ken said...

Well, I suppose that we are from one point of view. After all, if it weren't for the US, the rest of the world would pretty much sit back and let North Korea, Iran, and any other group of wingnuts do whatever they wanted to without lifting a finger. Of course there would be a lot of task forces, committees, special study groups, and other bureaucratic machinations, but nothing that would disturb the peace. From this point of view, the second world war might never have happened if the British and French and just shut up and minded their own business when Germany invaded Poland, and then England had kept quiet when the walked into France, at which point England would surely have negotiated a peaceful rapprochement with the Reich in order to be eaten last. And of course, withour resort to any unnecessary violence.

10/30/2006 5:44 PM  
Blogger saturdaynightspecial said...

The US has the largest arsenal; we are the most active, on a large scale, aggressor. We have an overseas empire. Just like criminals here motivate us to arm ourselves, the US government, because of it's foreign policy, compels other countries, N Korea, Iran and others to arm themselves.

We are the greatest hypocrites; democrats (liberals and socialists) supported the Iraq invasion and occupation but are now using the Iraq folly as an excuse in the elections.

We have a never-ending list of corrupt politicians because our liberal media endorses them at election time. AND because of all that we are slowly but surely becoming exactly like our enemies (a socialist authoritarian country). The only solution to all this are conservative libertarian values.

Ken: we can stop any country when and if they go to far (but so can other countries). And don't forget who and what were responsible for German extremism and expansionism brought on by reparations impossible to achieve (US meddling and excessive requirements by Europeans on the Germans.)

10/31/2006 5:38 AM  

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