Who should pay taxes?

From Dad29 in Wisconsin, we find that a state legislator in the state, who appears upset about the newly passed ban on same sex marriage, believes that:
"Erpenbach said he does not understand how the state can expect same-sex couples to continue paying taxes and being lawful citizens when they are denied protections and benefits afforded to married couples."

As Dad29 points out, this novel reasoning could apply to all sorts of rights that people feel that the government has taken away from them.


Blogger saturdaynightspecial said...

Americans have learned to demand their government solve their every problem for everyone. They are learning to use the police power of government to force and rob taxpayers of money to be redistributed and used in ways government was never intended.

One good example is stem cell research. This research may be a good thing, but it should not, and need not be done with tax dollars.
If anyone wants this research to be done it should send money to a private research entity. Another example is faith-based initiatives and minimum wage controls. The list is endless.

This is why politicians trample and twist the 2nd amendment: to carry out the endless will of the people without any armed resistance against an out-of-control, bullying, freedom trampling government.

If you think republicans have wreaked havoc just watch what democrats do (socialists).

11/13/2006 4:27 AM  

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