Creating Gun Free Zones in El Salvador

I was thinking of writing a comment on this, but I have made a comment on this type of thing too many times already.

San Salvador, Dec 11 (Prensa Latina) Archbishop Fernando Saenz affirmed the Salvadorian Catholic church views favourably the Arms Law reform recently approved by Antonio Saca s government, noted local press Monday.

Saenz considered the law modification appropriate reducing the spaces in which carrying firearms is legal and said he hopes the new measures benefit Salvadorian society.

"I think it is advantageous to reduce carrying weapons as much as possible," noted the catholic hierarch although he did not rule out the possibility for the citizens of carrying them for self-defense.

The new law forbids carrying weapons in squares, gas stations and parks.

According to the Salvadorian authorities 3,409 murders were registered in the country until last November, and 85 percent of them were with firearms.

Over 400 thousand weapons are actually in the hands of civilians.


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