Murder rates up in many cities


Blogger saturdaynightspecial said...

Several years back a gun store, located in Cook County (Chicago) was sued either by the County or the City of Chicago. It was accused of causing all the deaths and costs associated with the violence; the suit wanted $50,000,000 in damages. The government lost.

The gun store had sold Uzi's and other weaponry to undercover cops.

The real cause of all the violence was not the gun store, it was the government - the City of Chicago and the County. Most of the violence was due to the government's war on drugs, and, to some extent, the fact that handguns were banned making crime more lucrative and easier to perform successfully, and then to the poverty also created by the socialist regimes in Chicago city government intended to help the poor but, like most government programs, only made the problem worse. For all the negative effects created by government it blamed it on a single gun store that violated that government's laws on guns.

Government is our worst enemy.

12/28/2006 5:50 AM  
Anonymous Ken said...

Even if I were totally ignorant of the subject matter, I'd find it highly suspicious that improvements in outcomes, such as last year's low number of homicides, are always attributable to the valiant efforts of local police and politicians, while deteriorating outcomes, such as this year's higher number, are inevitably the result of external factors. And why is it that those external factors never seem to have similar effects near their source, but only at a distance?

12/29/2006 10:05 AM  

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