Defensive gun use in Kansas involving concealed handgun permit holder

Phillips 66 Owner Dean Yee was not going to make it easy for the two men he says tried to rob him at gunpoint Friday. “They demanded money and to make things tougher I said I'm not gonna give you the money you can come around here and get it yourself.”

That's when a customer in the store, and valid conceal to carry permit holder in Oklahoma, took action.

“He got their attention. He looked at my friend and pointed the gun at him and then his life was in danger and he exercised his right and shot him,” said Yee.

Emergency crews took the 17 year old juvenile to a Kansas City hospital. The other suspect fled.

“I would've been shot in the chest,” said Yee.

After fourteen years of trying to pass the Conceal Carry law in Kansas, State Senator Phill Journey says Friday’s incident is a prime example of where the new law could help society. It is absolutely going to be seen as more permit holders are out there. I think its important that criminals need to be on notice that this will happen to them.”

“I think its gonna give businesses a lot of added protection police can't be everywhere at every minute,” said Journey. . . . .

Thanks to Gus Cotey for sending this to me.



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