Another huge hole in campaign finance laws

So does this mean that the Saudi's are financing Hillary Clinton's campaign? I can't give a candidate $10,000 for their campaign, but I can pay you for a talk and then let you spend the money on yourself. Given all his other ways around the campaign finance laws, I can't wait for Soros to take advantage of this. Of course, he probably figured this out long ago.

[Bill Clinton] has earned $40 million in the past six years in speaking fees.

Goldman Sachs paid Clinton $650,000 for four speeches, while the banking firm, Citicorp paid
$250,000 for just one speech. But U.S. companies didn't represent the largest of President Clinton's speaking fees—those came from overseas clients — such as a Saudi firm that paid Clinton $600,000 for two speeches and a real estate group run by an official of China's communist party paid him $200,000.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

...I can't wait for Soros to take advantage of this. Of course, he probably figured this out long ago.

[Peet adjusts tinfoil hat]

I seem to remember reading that Campaign Finance "Reform" is pretty much a Soros-written law. I can't recall where I saw it, but there were charges that the same small group of folks were trotted from office to office in the senate and house offices as "concerned parties" and the whole thing was funded through front organizations owined by Soros. The concerned parties were, in fact, paid staff, but with frequent visits, it looked like a mass movement. Sort of like (try exactly like) that faked "groundswell" of "concerned citizens" demanding V-chip. Right. They advertise that now trying to get people to use them.

Both are soultions to problems that don't exist that enrich somebody...

Upshot of the whole theory was that the Donks (at least the hard left of the party) are a tool, maybe even a wholelly-owned subsidiary of the Soros/Joyce Fdn. machine.

Being from Massachusetts myself, I have to fight believing stuff like this because it explains so much about the folks who claim to represent me.

Peet (taking off the tinfoil hat)

2/26/2007 4:06 PM  

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