Valentine Flowers are bad for the Planet?

Many of these flowers are grown in third world countries and the claim it is horrible that the flowers are shipped in the cargo holds of planes that travel to developed countries. By this notion, are we going to ban all foreign trade? This isn't serious. What do these environmentalists what these poor third world countries to do? Wealthier countries care more about the environment than do poorer ones. Just naturally cars and other things are more efficient in wealthier countries over time without any government intervention, so if we do something that makes these third world countries poorer, their environment will deteriorate.

The Valentine's Day bouquet — the gift that every woman in Britain will be waiting for next week — has become the latest bête noire among environmental campaigners.

Latest Government figures show that the flowers that make up the average bunch have flown 33,800 miles to reach Britain.

In the past three years, the amount of flowers imported from the Netherlands has fallen by 47 per cent to 94,000 tons, while those from Africa have risen 39 per cent to 17,000 tons.

Environmentalists warned that "flower miles" could have serious implications on climate change in terms of carbon dioxide emissions from aeroplanes. . . .

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Blogger Editor said...

I see, no matter what celebration is going on, it is bad for the environment.

2/13/2007 12:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The flowers travel 33,800 miles to get to Britain? Even if that was kilometers, it would be over 22,000 miles. Did someone take the flowers out to lunch first?

2/13/2007 1:10 AM  
Blogger Michael said...

According to wikipedia the equatorial circumference is a little over 40,000 km.(24,000 miles). When I was in 10th grade and learning the slide rule Mr. Zepp taught us that the mystery of the world was "Where's the decimal point?" I think it must still be a mystery for some.

2/14/2007 12:37 PM  

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