In defense of Right-to-Carry laws

From Investor's Business Daily:
Democrats are noticeably silent as freshman Sen. James Webb packs heat and leaves an aide literally holding the bag. So why should their constituents not have the same right to self-defense? . . .

Webb has a firearm, he says, for protection. Gun-control advocates argue that letting people carry guns encourages their reckless use. They ignore incidents such as last month's Trolley Square mall shooting in Utah, where an off-duty police officer carrying a concealed weapon saved untold numbers of lives by killing a disturbed young man from war-torn Bosnia who had entered the mall and started shooting, killing five. Utah is one of 40 RTC states.

One of the great untold stories is how armed private citizens, exercising their constitutional right to self-defense, have repeatedly saved their lives and others' and have helped reduce violent crime.

Since 1991, according to NRAILA.org, 23 states have adopted RTC laws. In the same period, the number of privately owned firearms has risen by nearly 70 million and violent crime is down 38%. In 2005, RTC states had, on average, a 22% lower violent crime rate, a 30% lower murder rate, a 46% lower robbery rate and a 12% lower aggravated-assault rate. . . .

The problem is not with Sen. Webb feeling the need to protect himself. It is with those who feel that citizens in the District of Columbia, or anywhere else, should not have the right or the ability to defend themselves. That is truly criminal.



Blogger toyfj40 said...

As usual, there are many specific-details that may not become public-knowledge. On the surface, I "feel" for Mr.Thompson, as it appears that he was innocently returning some "things" to his boss' office...

My motivation to comment is to express that laws are in place for the Capitol-Gov facilities... and for the 'DC' boundaries. Those laws should be investigated and procecuted for any violators of any status/ position or influence. Just as much as it were I that entered the Capitol-Bldg.

Anything less is just one more outrageous example of the elitist-attitude of the elected officials. They are not elected to "power"... they are selected to serve their constituents and the constitution. When they cannot provide that service, they should leave.

3/30/2007 9:48 AM  

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