Message to Bloomberg: Police volunters without guns in NYC? What are you thinking?

Given that Bloomberg is against even police carrying guns off-duty, I suppose that this isn't too surprising. Yet, if this is the policy that you are going to adopt, possibly you should also have strategy of teaching these volunteers to run away from any attacks when they occur.

NEW YORK — A gunman rampaged through a strip of restaurants and bars in a trendy Manhattan neighborhood, killing two unarmed volunteer police officers and a pizzeria employee, the mayor said.

Regular police officers then shot and killed gunman David Gavin, who had bag with a fake beard, two guns and 100 rounds of ammunition, Mayor Michael Bloomberg said early Thursday.

"Tonight was a horrible night for the New York Police Department and for our city," he said. "Two men who volunteered their time to make our city the safest big city in America lost their lives helping to keep it exactly that way."

A neighborhood resident, Tina Lourenko, said she saw the gunman and recognized him as a former employee of the pizzeria. . . .

Thanks to Robert Stevens for getting me to think about this piece a second time.

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Anonymous A. Barr said...

I believe there is another point here - or an oxymoron (maybe it's just NYC English):

"Bloomberg said. "Two men who volunteered their time to make our city the safest big city in America lost their lives helping to keep it exactly that way."

"MAKE our city..." (meaning it's not the safest yet - or safe at all, maybe).
"helping to keep it exactly that way." (What way? The safest? Safe at all? - NYC is NOT safe... fact!)

The fellows got involved trying to quell a bad event. Totally unfortunate situation (I'm not going into the whyfores).

Bloombug is dilusional if he thinks - really thinks - NYC's problem lies in Virginia and other "hinterlands".

Maybe there's no "if" in there.

For my part the mayor's "thinking" has just killed some good guys.

3/15/2007 9:33 PM  
Anonymous db said...

As a former NYC resident (I left after 9/11) I can say with complete candor and honesty that the elite in that City are delusional. I had a so called "target permit" issued by the NYPD. I was legally allowed to keep an unloaded handgun in a locked box in my home, and carry it in a locked box to a range, ONLY. If I ever used it in self-defense in my home I would very likely have been indicted for violating the restrictions on my permit. Bloomberg has eliminated even Target Permits. On the other hand, illegal guns are plentiful and it doesn't take six months of background checking to get one. So, the Mayor has effectively disarmed all the law abiding citizens in the City, while the criminals have no problems at all getting guns. Now here's the interesting part, when I moved upstate, I applied to have my NYPD "file" transferred to the local County Sheriff so I could get a County concealed carry permit valid throughout the State (except NYC). Even though I got a renewal bill every year, the NYPD claimed it couldn't find my file!! The local sheriff in my county simply reentered the application as de novo and it was approved two months later.

That's gun "control" NYC style. Disarm the law abiding, and have a bureacracy so inept that it sends out bills, but has no idea who it has issued permits to. When the system doesn't work (no surprise there) impose more restrictions on the law abiding. Absolutely delusional.

3/16/2007 8:22 PM  

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