YouTube Video of Giuliani talking about Federal Gun Licensing

A youtube video of Giuliani arguing for national gun licensing is here.

1) Giuliani many not understand it but if you had regulations for guns similar to those of the licensing necessary to drive a car it would represent deregulation. If you are just going to have your car at home, you don't need a license. It is only when you drive it around off your property that you need the license. You can tow you car around off your property even if it isn't licensed. You just can't use it. However, if you do have the car registered and licensed you can drive it anywhere in the US. If they would make right-to-carry national, so that my license in Virginia would be recognized anywhere in the US that would be a big improvement over the current situation.

2) I have no idea what Giuliani is talking about regarding mental testing to be able to drive or own a car. Possibly, New Yorkers are very dangerous on the road, but I doubt it requires mental testing even there. Besides eyesight, I don't know what he is referring to reguarding physical testing either.

I could live with the equivalent of car registration and car licensing for guns if they really did it the exact same way for both.

Thanks to Jason Megill for sending me this link and for putting this up on YouTube.

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Anonymous George Venable said...

Not to mention anyone of any age can BUY a car - and get an "automatic" with no additional taxation !

4/22/2007 2:31 PM  
Anonymous Mike said...

And this is the man who may carry the Republican banner in to the election? This is what passes for a conservative these days?

4/22/2007 9:37 PM  
Anonymous Erin Gerety said...

When are we going to start licensing baseball bats? What about sets of steak knives? Golf clubs? Axes? Nail guns? Although not as commonly used as weapons each one can be lethal. Where do you draw the line? Don't kid yourself only the law abiding will have the license but the criminals will still be armed.

4/24/2007 4:27 AM  

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