Boy stops wild hog as big as buffalo

This is one scary animal. It weighs as much as some buffalo and appears to be longer than most. I am no expert on this this, but one sad thing about this boy shooting the wild hog is that possibly it could have been caputred and used bred to produce larger pigs for sale for food.

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) - Hogzilla is being made into a horror movie. But the sequel may be even bigger: Meet Monster Pig. An 11-year-old Alabama boy used a pistol to kill a wild hog his father says weighed a staggering 1,051 pounds and measured 9-feet-4 from the tip of its snout to the base of its tail. Think hams as big as car tires.

If the claims are accurate, Jamison Stone's trophy boar would be bigger than Hogzilla, the famed wild hog that grew to seemingly mythical proportions after being killed in south Georgia in 2004. . . . .

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Anonymous Chris said...

As a wild beast this would have been one mean animal. The big boar at the Iowa State Fair is usually larger than this animal, weight wise (though not by much), so we did not lose much in genetics.

Bigger is not always better for food production, an animal this size is well beyond the size that produces quality pork. Also, as an animal gets above a certain weight, its efficiency of conversion of feed to meat declines.

5/27/2007 5:18 PM  

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