The irony of liberal regulations

Here is a perfect case of unintended consequences. A lesbian couple promises a sperm donor that he won't have to pay child support. The lesbian couple breaks up and the mother sues the biological father for child support. She wins, and he loses. Here is the irony. Liberals apparently think that ordering the father to pay support is great. But what is going to happen to the people who were previously willing to provide sperm to lesbian couples? You bail out existing women who got pregnant this way, but there won't be as many future births to lesbian couples. May be it is really a conservative plot to let liberals have what they want with the notion that it will simply mean fewer children born to lesbian couples in the future. For conservatives concerned about outcomes, the issue must be a little difficult. Support the right to contract or let the right be trashed but have somewhat fewer kids born this way. I don't know the rules are for artificial insemination, but if there are some difficulties for lesbian couples to get insemination through a regular fertility clinic, this ruling could have a significant impact on lesbian couples getting pregnant.



Anonymous straightarrow said...

If lesbian couples want to get pregnant the same rules that govern other human behaviors should apply. They should be allowed all the opportunity anyone else is to get pregnant limited only by their ability or inability to make it so of their own efforts, just like everybody else. What could be more fair?

5/10/2007 4:26 PM  

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