Prediction on Bloomberg

I think that Bloomberg's entry into the race will greatly damage Republicans. It is true that Bloomberg is liberal and would surely be more likely to draw votes from the Democratic presidential candidate, but I think that view is too narrow. Bloomberg has recently indicated that he thinks that the country is going in the wrong direction and that things are getting worse. Personally, I don't see how someone who has actually looked at the economic numbers can claim that, but what I think all this means is that Bloomberg will be spending say $500 million on television ads saying how bad things are. Bloomberg might not get many votes (the ideal state for Democrats), but he may be able to depress voters in enough key states to push down the Republican vote. There is no way that the Republicans can raise enough money to compete with this message beging put out by Bloomberg, let alone with what Bloomberg and the Dems will be putting out together. I hope that I am wrong. Overall, however, I think that this means that a higher premium than usual is going to be placed on a candidate who can effectively communicate his positions and someone who comes across as very positive. This probably pushes me to support Fred Thompson even more strongly than I alread do.

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Blogger Dad29 said...

A lot depends on how he defines "worse."

B's entry certainly makes life more difficult for Rudy--and for HRC--both thought they could pull New York State, which is a 400-pound canary.

If Fred T. can insert a soupcon of populism into his campaign (a la Reagan), he will pull the Reagan Dems to his side.

There is a legitimate concern over the deterioration of MEAN compensation which Fred could use.

He may already have begun that with his reference to PRChina as "The Day After Iraq."

6/21/2007 9:54 AM  

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